About Us

Excellent In-Home Care, Inc. works on a referral basis. Though referrals typically originate with the physician, they may originate from any local hospital, doctor's office, board and care, skilled nursing facility, patient, family or interested person or agency.

Once a nurse or a clinical representative of Excellent In-Home Care, Inc. receives the referral information, the patient will be evaluated within 48 hours or on the date specifically ordered, a professional clinician or team of clinicians will determine the proper plan of care and will begin to administer that care.

All our nurses are eminently qualified to carry out a complete range of clinical duties in a most caring and professional manner. 

Excellent In-Home Care

  • Provides 24 hr, 7 day/wk services
  • Will cover service areas of Los Angeles County.
  • All our multi disciplinary and multi-lingual professionals are screened and are California licensed.

Excellent In-Home Care adheres to an equal opportunity policy for all persons seeking employment or admission as clients. Excellent In-Home Care does not discriminate because of race, color, national origin, disability, or age.